Who we are

Beza Foundation is a non profit organisation working to support out-of-school orphans and children from poorest households in Africa access to basic and quality education. We empower children with the skills  and knowledge they need to have a better future for themselves and their communities. We aim to give every child a chance to learn and have an education that will change their lives forever.

What we do

We provide financial aid and learning materials to out of school children towards their primary and secondary education. Our support are awarded based upon various criterias, which usually reflect the values and purposes of Beza foundation shared with our donors and sponsors. Our funding are issue specific and designed to meet every student needs. Our support is awarded to orphans and children from poorest families or those affected by conflicts.

Where we operate

We support out-of-school children from extreme poor households and orphans in Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Burundi and Nigeria with an aspiration to expand our support across Sub-Saharan Africa and conflict affected zones.

Advancing economic development in Africa through education

According to the World Bank and UNESCO, over 89 million children and youth in Sub-Saharan Africa are out-of-school or excluded from accessing basic education. Over a fifth are children between the ages of 6-11, a third are youth between the ages of 12-14, more than half (55 percent) are girls. Literacy rate among youth aged 15 to 24 continues to fall keeping them out of the employment market.

We believe basic education is a right to every child, a key driver of poverty eradication and economic growth. Young orphans, like any children everywhere in the world, have the right to access basic education which will empower them to build a better future for their families and wider communities.

We use education to make sustainable social impact

Our support create future empowerment opportunities for orphans and destitute children in Africa. A lifelong empowerment for children with the right skills and knowledge they need to make the right choices, become entrepreneurial or competitive in the employment market place. This also empower them to have a better livelihood for themselves and for their wider communities.

support us make a difference

Your donation can make a difference in lives of the world's most vulnerable and poorest children. By donating to Beza Foundation, you are participating in making positive change into the lives  of orphans and destitute children, empowering them to have a secured future through education.

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